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Parish Registration

New members of the parish are invited to use this form to register, and established members may use it to advise us of updated information, or to request offertory envelopes.

Parish Registration Form

Sacred Orders

Ordained Ministry, this sacrament celebrates the call of God and the response of a person from the worshiping community to serve as a leader within the community. The ordained priest is called to proclaim the Word of God to the People of God, to build them up in love and help them in their growth in holiness through the celebration of the sacred sacraments. The ordination of a priest takes place after years of discernment and formation when the bishop, together with the priests present, lay hands on the head of the one to be ordained and through the prayer of consecration, invokes the Holy Spirit to empower the one being ordained for sacred service among the People of God. The priest is commissioned to act in the name of the Church in its ministry of Word and Sacrament. Deacons also share in the Sacrament of Orders. In recent years, the Permanent Diaconate has been reactivated in the Church. Deacons can be married or celibate and their function is to preach the word, lead the community in prayer, baptize, officiate at weddings, bury the dead and carry out other ministries as directed by the bishop or local pastor.


Any parishioner who feels called by God to the ordained priesthood or diaconate is invited to contact the pastor of St Anthony Parish or one of the deacons serving in the parish. Those interested in the vowed religious life as a sister or brother are invited to contact the parish office. We are happy to assist in setting up a meeting with the Diocesan Vocation Director or a religious community.