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The quinceañera celebration is a special time for the family to publicly present the girl as a gesture of thanks for the gift of life and faith. For the quinceañera, it is an opportunity to reaffirm her commitment to Christ.  It is also an occasion to give thanks to God for allowing her to reach this age and take on the adult responsibilities to her faith, family and community.  In light of this, the quinceanera and her family must meet the following objectives:

Requirements for celebrating a quinceañera at St. Anthony Parish:

  • Be active in the life of the parish
  • Regularly attend Mass
  • The girl celebrating the quinceañera must be attending and active in a faith formation program
  • The candidate must be baptized, and have received first Communion and be confirmed or actively preparing for Confirmation
  • The candidate must perform 40 hours of direct community service
  • Family must meet with the priest 6 months prior to the Quinceañera