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New members of the parish are invited to use this form to register, and established members may use it to advise us of updated information, or to request offertory envelopes.

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Parish Campus


Saint Anthony Church is located in South Sacramento’s Pocket Area at 660 Florin Road. The Church was built in 1978. The church is built entirely on one level and is fully handicap-accessible. The church is open from 7:20 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. weekdays. It has the following areas:

rope-artNarthex area showing the statue of Our Lady of Welcome, entrance doors to the Nave, and the left side of The Holy Family tapestry Our Lady of Welcome by Chicago artists Jeffrey and Anna Koh-Varilla (1998).

The Holy Family 9-foot by 25-foot tapistry made of dyed acrylic by Carlo Djurovich of Sacramento, California (1978).


Interior of the church nave showing the altar, and sanctuary.

Lead PageSaint Anthony of Sacramento by Ryan York and Mario Locsin, San Diego, California, installed above doors on inside back wall of church on July 10, 1991.  Saint Anthony is depicted as a young man, around thirty years of age (1195-1231) without a halo to emphasize his human quality. He is presenting forward the word in the form of an open book, which bears on the left the “CHI-RHO” symbolizing Christ and the words, “VIA, VERITAS, VITA” meaning “Way, Truth, Life” on the right.  The sculpture is carved entirely by hand in solid Spanish Cedar wood, oiled and rubbed to enhance the wood’s natural uniqueness. This original sculpture is a three-dimensional bas-relief with the head in full round relief. Overall height is 4′-2″ x 3′-3″ wide.  As background to the Titular Sculpture, the Mandola interprets a rose window traditionally placed over entrances in early Christian churches. Made out of seven separate sections of Rift Oak, it offers a smooth, warm texture in contrast to the stone wall on which it is mounted. It has the subtle outline of Saint Anthony’s roof line, which is open to show the wall weaving through the sculptural composition. This contemporary layered design depicting the “house-shape form” of Saint Anthony’s Church resembling an “ark-form shape”, is most appropriate because Saint Anthony was regarded in the “Ark of the Covenant” by Gregory IX who canonized him and personally knew him. The Mandola is lightly finished to complement the natural warm tones of the sculpture. Overall diameter is 6′-0″.


Memorial Center:



The St. Anthony Memorial Center was constructed in 1996. It has the following areas:

  •  Entry Area
  •  Large open area with a capacity of about 400 people (seated). The large area can be subdivided into two rooms by a moveable partition with one having a seated capacity of about 120 and the other as a basketball court or general use area.
  •  Two additional (smaller) conference rooms
  •  Fully-equipped kitchen
  •  Parish Library
  •  Counselor and Maintenance Engineering offices
  •  Rest Rooms
  •  Wireless Internet service
  • Tiled entry area with informal gathering area, memorials listings, and 3 double doors that enter into the larger gathering rooms.

The St. Anthony Memorial Center was constructed in the memory of many parishioners, kitchenfamilies, and friends. This area respectfully lists the names of the persons and organizations whose support made the construction of the Center possible and the listing of individuals being remembered. View looking to the right of the 3 sets of double doors that provide access to the large area. This shows the seating for a large conference in the area that can also be used as a basketball court (smaller than regulation size). The room divider is open for this photograph however it can be installed in the track seen in the overhead gold-colored structure.  The smaller portion of the large room that is just opposite the three sets of double doors. This area can be divided from the basketball area. The double doors with windows on the far side of the room lead to the fully-equipped kitchen.

Kitchen area showing preparation tables, convection ovens, and dishwashing area, stove, convection ovens, food preparation areas, freezer and ice machine.



librarySt. Anthony Parish Library is located inside the Memorial Center. Its collection of texts and periodicals favors religious history studies but is an excellent source of information for all aspects of Catholic living. It has the following features:

  •  Open stacks for approximately 2500 books plus periodicals and references
  •  Tables and chairs for patrons which can also be used for small study groups


CFF Building:

The St. Anthony Religious Education Building was constructed in 1978 and remodeled and expanded in 2002.  It has the following areas:entrance

  •  Office for Catholic Faith Formation (CFF) Director and Youth Ministry Director.
  •  Six classrooms
  •  Common area
  •  Kitchen
  •  Rest Rooms
  • Classroom
  • Topical displays in common area.



entranceThe St. Anthony parish office was constructed as part of the rectory in 1978 . It was expanded in 2002 and the entrance to the office was moved to the west end of the building so that it faces the rear parking lot. It has the following areas: – Entry Area

  •  Large main office area with work stations for the administrative assistant and parish secretary.
  •  Work room
  •  Private offices for the pastor, business manager and the parish nurse
  •  Small conference room



Church Grounds:

St. Anthony Catholic Church is located in South Sacramento’s Pocket Area at 660 Florin Road. This is the view of the entrance to the parish complex from Eastbound Florin Road (You must be eastbound on Florin Road to enter the complex; there is a center median on Florin Road that will prevent you from making a left turn into the parking lot.   The street address sign will be clearly visible in day or night.  Upon entering the driveway, you may either turn to the left to access the small front parking lot or proceed straight ahead to the main parking lots in the back of the property.  This is a view of the front parking lot with the Memorial Center to the right and the Church in the distance. If you park in this area you will be able to enter the courtyard through a gate that is between the Memorial Center and the Church. All entrances to the Memorial Center and Church are from the courtyard, not directly from the parking lot.


View as you enter the courtyard through the front gate from the front parking lot. The Church and Religous Education Building (CFF) are to your left, the Rectory entrance is straight ahead (to the left of the fountain), the Memorial Center is to your right (not shown in this photograph) and the Office is straight ahead (to the right of the fountain).


The entrance to Saint Anthony Church.

The Religious Education Building (CFF) is the smaller building to the right with its entrance facing the Church doors.

Saint Anthony Memorial Center.